Monday, 17 December 2012

League of Legends One of Da' Best!

 Hye there guys. Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite game of all times. League of Legends. Yeap, this game is addicting. Sometimes, I can't get enough of it. Why? Well, I gotta admit. People who asked that question is kinda... dumb. League of Legends or also known as LoL is a resemblace of DotA and HoN. Yet, LoL holds quite a lot of difference between DotA and HoN.

 Well, for some of us may not know that League of Legends development team includes Steve "Guinsoo"   Feak, the original creator of DotA Allstars and Steve "Pendragon" Mescon who started DotA These guys had worked closely with the DotA community for at least for the past five years. Now, we can see that League of Legends really includes many game industry veterans. 

 Oooh, nearly forgot. League of Legends also include this two veterans.

* Tom "Zileas" Cadwell (Design Director) - Formerly at Blizzard as the Play Balance Lead for Warcraft III : Frozen Throne. Also a key designer on World of Warcraft. He is also a recognized Starcraft player.

* Shawn "Babagahnoosh" Carnes (Lead Creative Designer) - He is responsible for ensuring that League of Legends is set in an interesting world with unique and creative champions. Well, let's just say he is one of the veteran. Too much to talk about him. You guys can help yourselves by visiting hisTwitter, here's da' link. 

 And one more thing that I like about League of Legends instead of DotA, is that LoL had an original champion design. Talking about DotA. We all knew that each one of those hero, are an edited "hero". Let's take a look. 

The only thing that changed, is the name from Abomination into Pudge the Butcher. And the scale are slightly increased. And also the color are slighty modified. Quite boring actually (But I really love the hook). While, let's take a look at League of Legends' CHAMPIONS!

Will you take a look at that. Masterpiece. Original sketches, paintings with an epic background (Barely seen the pagoda or somethin'). Wukong is one of my favourite, as his ganking is supreme. You'll know when you play LoL. Let's take a look at this one.

Now we are talking about a champion that could do a serious "dunk". Yeap, dunk. Like all those NBA players would do. Dunkin' pain, damage dealer. That's Darius. Take a look at this video, if you don't understand what I mean by Darius dunkin'.

Mmhm... Serious dunkin' with serious damage. Up to 1000+ damage. Opppss.. Can't say more about LoL. You gotta experienced this game by yourself. What are you waiting for? Go on ahead, and download the game. And sorry fellas for, mocking your precious game. But it's true though. Or maybe that's why they create DotA 2. I guess. Original hero design.

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